I  wanted to send you an e-mail and thank you for allowing me to try your Force Field Weapon Conditioner.  Never in my 25 years of Law Enforcement have I every seen anything like it.  I applied your Force Field Weapon Conditioner to my clean pistol before going to the range and WOW what a difference!  After range I just wiped off the gunpowder residue from my pistol without any scrubbing or the need to use any gunpowder solvent.  Since my retirement from the Olathe Police Department I started working for a local hospital Security Department and allowed several of my co-workers to try Force Field.  Their results were just as amazing as I had.  All of the weapons that FFWC was put on before firing, pistols, rifles and shotguns, were cleaned by just wiping the residue away!  Thanks again for allowing me to try the Force Field Weapon Conditioner.  I would highly recommend it to anyone!


Sgt. Olathe PD (Ret)