Hunting & Gun Care

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Force Field Weapon Conditioner (FFWC) $12.00

is formulated with the best science has to offer for today’s hi-tech weapons. It is a cleaner, lubricant, and protectant all in one. It does not contain any petroleum products that will gum up or break down in extreme temperature swings, and leaves no greasy film to collect dirt. FFWC protects against rust, corrosion, and even finger prints. FFWC lays down an invisible barrier that virtually eliminates friction on all moving parts, as well as prevents carbon from bonding to your gun to make cleaning quicker and easier.  Use FFWC on all metals, plastics, polymers and composites that are used to build today’s weapons. FFWC is designed for fully automatic military weapons all the way down to grandpa’s family heirloom. FFWC is recommended for use on fishing reels and line to make casting as smooth and tangle free as possible.  It dries odor free and has zero corrosive element, making it a great lubricant for compound and cross bows. Nanotechnology makes FFWC the most versatile weapon conditioner on the market today. 2 oz. bottle will service approximately 20 long guns and 50 hand guns.


Force Field Assembly Grease (FFG) $9.00

Force Field Assembly GreaseForce Field Pro continues to be faithful to our goal of developing the best and safest products on the market. Our Assembly grease is food grade and odorless. It is safe for all aspects of gun use. This product is great for anything with an M-1 or M-14 type platform, bolts, and down the bore on black powder guns.This is a wet lubricate and rust inhibitor. Unlike petroleum based products this will not jell up over time. In fact it actually will slowly melt into your weapon leaving a wet layer of ultra slick film that will protect your gun for months to come. Making it great for long term storage in damp environments. While residue from a round discharge may collect in the film, it will not bond to the weapon. Meaning that you simply wipe your gun down after use and reapply. A very small amount goes a very long way. This product is the answer to sticking difficult slides. Great for ARs with high speed ejection systems. Safe on all surfaces from aluminum to plastic and everything in between.

Force Field Body Spray (FFBS) $13.00


After stepping away from your vehicle, spray your entire body (clothing and exposed areas), as well as your equipment with FFBS to eliminate any odors you may have acquired en route to your hunt. Take it with you to the blind to re-apply after approximately 6 hours, or if you leave and return to your blind. FFBS uses nanotechnology to eliminate the smallest molecules of odor. 16 oz

Force Field Laundry Detergent (FFLD) $17.00


is formulated with nanotechnology and active enzymes that are designed to clean all traces of human scent and UV glow from your clothing, including carbon lined camouflage. It is highly concentrated and only takes 4oz to do a full load of laundry. Used with FFBW and FFBS, this product gives you the best odds of bringing home that once in a life time big game trophy. 22 oz


Force Field Body Wash (FFBW) $10.75


Active enzymes and nanotechnology come together in FFBW to eliminate bacteria on your body and hair, making you virtually odor free for hours. Used in the shower as a full hair and body wash and in conjunction with FFBS and FFLD, it will give you the maximum opportunity to bring home that once in a life time big game trophy. 16 oz