Roof Shield (RS)  $450.00 per kit (each kit produces 2 gallons after mixed) 

Force Field Roof Shield is a uniquely formulated product that is design to address all issues with metal roofing. It is a self-priming product that can be matched to nearly any color. This product can be brushed on, rolled on, or sprayed on. Apply it heavier by brush to seams and problem areas then apply to the entire field for a color matched finish that bonds to any surface including metal, concrete, and even tar to seal those hard to get to cracks that plague flat roofs. Roof Shield with cover approximately 10 squares when apply at 2 mills thick. It is water safe within 2 hours of application but will continue to cure over the next several days.

Floor Shield (FS) $435.00 (each kit produces two gallons) 1/2 kits are available at $288.99 per kit

This product is your epoxy flooring on steroids. It comes in any color and has incredible bonding strength. At over 3,000 psi pull off strength and 350 degree heat endurance, Floor Shield will not be pulling loose due to tire heat and skidding. It is skid safe but can be applied with texturing for even more slip resistance. This product is especially great for warehouse floors with heavy forklift traffic but also great for the average home garage floor. Floor Shield has incredible chemical resistant which makes it great for mechanics shops and industrial settings.  It is safe to walk on after 24 hours but needs seven full days of cure before it is ready to drive on. A second coat must be applied in less than 15 hours after the first or they will not bond to one another without scuffing the first coat. Coverage is 750 square feet per gal. at 2 mil thick. It can be brushed, sprayed, or rolled on. Spraying must be thinned with acetone at 15%.


Tank Shield  (TS) $400.00 per kit (each kit produces 2 gallons)  It can be produced in 5 gallon, 30 gallon drums or 250 gallon totes.

Force Field Tank Shield is the most all round tough paint you will ever put on commercial storage tanks. It is a two part epoxy that has to be mixed 1 to 1 parts A and B. This product can be sprayed or rolled on and can be colored coordinated for your company colors. Tank Shield has the highest chemical resistance available and stops rust dead in its tracks. It is UV resistant and can be used inside or outside of your storage tanks. Designed with the oil and gas industry in mind this product will serve any total submersion need in heavy chemical, salt water, or even exteriors if you just want to spruce up the appearance of you operation. It is water safe within 2 hours but needs 7 days cure time before exposure to heavy corrosive chemicals or total submersion. It will cover approximately 1000 square feet at 2 mils thick. Per gallon pricing consist of equal parts of A and B.  Call (913) 645-3722 for pricing on additional sizes.