Force Field De-Scent

Does a hunter really need a scent block?

People have been hunting pretty successfully without a scent block for many years. However, due to increased hunting pressure, big trophy game has developed an extreme sensitivity to the presence of humans. Using Force Field De-Scent provides that special edge for a hunter to get close enough for a successful kill.

What makes Force Field products different from other scent blocking products?

Most scent killing products use enzymes to kill bacteria that causes odor. However, when the enzymes are suspended in a base of large molecules, they are only able to clean the exterior surfaces of carbon-lined hunting camouflage. With the infusion of nanotechnology, Force Field suspends those same enzymes in nano-material so that they penetrate the very fibers of camo. Force Field De-Scent kills any and all residual odor-causing bacteria throughout the entire weave of clothing, rather than only on the exterior surfaces

Force Field Paint Conditioner

What level of performance does Force Field Paint Conditioner provide?

First of all, Force Field Paint Conditioner is an incredibly easy to use product. Second, Force Field Paint Conditioner will make paint so slick that nothing sticks. With just a little soap, water, and minimal rubbing, bugs, road tar, tree sap, road grime, salt, etc. will wash off with unequaled ease. Third, Force Field Paint Conditioner provides a high a gloss on any paint. Even when surface dirt appears, a mirror-like shine will be noticeable under the dirt. Fourth, Force Field Paint Conditioner will block as much as 60% of both UV A and UVB rays as well as greatly limit finger printing. Lastly, dust and rain spots can be simply dusted off after every rain. Force Field Paint Conditioner will not restore oxidized paint, but it will prevent oxidization when used regularly.

Is Force Field Paint Conditioner safe for clear coats?

Yes. Force Field Paint Conditioner is designed to bring out the best of color  on all paint finishes including the old school paint of yester year and the high tech paints, clear coats, and gel coats of today .

Is Force Field Paint Conditioner a carnauba?

No. In fact, Force Field Paint Conditioner has no silicone or carnauba of any kind. It will not create paint issues in the body shop and it is 100% certified green.  Keep in mind that Force Field Paint Conditioner is a shine and protect product.  Force Field Paint Conditioner prevents UV-related  fading; however, it is not a restoration product for oxidized paint. Force Field has other products to restore and rejuvenate damaged paint.

Gun Conditioner

What makes Force Field Weapon Conditioner different from current products?

Force Field Weapon Conditioner is eco-friendly. Furthermore, Force Field Weapon Conditioner is not a corrosive. Designed with custom-sized molecules, Force Field Weapon Conditioner permeates through carbon buildup and sets up a barrier between the carbon and the gun metal, breaking the bond between the carbon and the weapon, allowing the carbon to fall away. The big advantage is that Force Field Weapon Conditioner lays down an invisible layer of titanium and graphite which prevents carbon from bonding again to the weapon while virtually eliminating friction between all moving parts, including the projectile. Limiting friction on the projectile limits heat buildup and improves velocity and accuracy. With the added bonus of being a rust and corrosion inhibitor, Force Field Weapon Conditioner is ONE product that cleans, lubricates, and protects in one application. Force Field Weapon Conditioner leaves no greasy petroleum film for dust, sand, or dirt to stick to and is completely odorless once it dries on the weapon. Since Force Field Weapon Conditioner is non-corrosive, it can be used on anything: bows, reels, and even coat zippers.

Is Force Field Weapon Conditioner safe for polymers and composites on today’s light guns?

Yes. Not only is Force Field Weapon Conditioner safe, but in areas where polymers, plastics, composites need lubricated, Force Field Weapon Conditioner will work as effectively as it does on metal.

Should I break in my new gun before I apply Force Field Weapon Conditioner?

If the manufacture recommends a break in time ,then yes, follow manufacturers recommendations. However, if no break-in time is recommended then Force Field Weapon Conditioner is safe to apply immediately.

Is Force Field Weapon Conditioner Safe for Aluminum?

Yes FFWC is safe for all metal and polymers. The well know reaction between graphite and aluminum is not a factor when dealing with “nano drivers” In other words FFWC contains a graphite molecule not graphite granules. below is the FFWC technical data.




This is a Nanoscopic, invisible protective coating/lubricant made with Nano fusion Technology. FFWC preserves and lubricates hard surfaces such as gun metal, plastics, fiberglass, polycarbonate, galvanized metal surfaces, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, high carbon steel, nickel, and cobalt surfaces. It lubricates, protects and reduces friction; enhances film-strength, and anti-water properties.


FFWC Tech lube incorporates advance e3 Nano fusion bonded technology to lubricate and penetrate material pores. It bonds itself to the surface of the metal through physical absorption of Nano particles it reduces friction between moving parts and minimizes wear and build – up of wear related debris.


FFWC Lube will not dry out; attract dust or dirt particles like petroleum products, even when the surface is wiped dry to the touch. Nano Lube is still present and lubricating the metal parts from within the pores of the weapon. This product does not require a liquid carrier to be present for protection. FFWC Lube does not evaporate because there are no carriers needed for continued protection. This product will not separate, become sticky, dry out or leave any tacky residue behind. It will not attract and hold firing residue, dust or dirt particles like petroleum products.


FFWC Lube provides protection through additives that in addition to the ability to penetrate between metal surfaces, also aids in the effective removal of built up dirt, lead, copper, carbon, corrosive particles and firing residues that can become abrasive to both recoil and gas operated mechanisms.


After cleaning, a Nano film of enhanced preservatives immediately bond to and form a barrier on the surface that displaces water and provides a corrosion resistant barrier against rust and dirt. It is designed to fulfill five levels of protection against hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mild mineral acids, carbon dioxide (Co2), saltwater and brackish environments, musky water, chlorine and similar adverse environments and has passed the salt spray corrosion (ASTM B-117) 150 Hours test. Additionally a barrier of protection is formed to protect against all other fouling of led, carbon, copper and plastic.


Pistols & Rifles



Military Firearms

Hunting Rifles & black powder

Automatic Fire arms

Semi-Automatic Fire Arms

Chain And Machine, (Gatling),Guns