Force Field Paint Conditioner (FFPC) $20.00

Product Description: Formulated with 100% green certified nanotechnology, FFPC is easy to spray on, and gently buffs off. Great for all paints and metals, FFPC protects against UVA and UVB rays to minimize fading and produce a barrier that prevents road grime and bugs from bonding to your paint, while adding a high gloss shine. FFPC is heat resistant up to 600F, so it works great under the hood as well.   About 1.5oz will do most full size vehicles after the initial application

How it works: Force Field Paint Conditioner, (FFPC), is designed with the best and latest scientific research. Force Field FFPC is developed with NANO technology allowing it to bond with your paint, filling the void between the paint molecules, allowing your paint to breath but reducing the microscopic peaks and valleys that allow grime and road film to get a toe hold on the finish. It makes your paint so slick that nothing sticks. Washing your car/bike becomes very easy, producing the shine you remember seeing in the show room. FFPC is not a carnauba; in fact it is 100% green certified and will not build up on your paint. It is not designed to restore faded paint but to block UV rays that cause your paint to fade. It can be used as a quick detail spray for shows, removing dust, and finger prints; putting that cutting edge shine on before your vehicle is seen by the judges. You cannot put your car/bike in a bubble but you can get behind a Force Field.